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Photographing a Legend: Rest in Peace, Merle Haggard

Some of my best memories from childhood was listening to music with my Dad. In a little nook by the fridge, under the cabinets, he had a black cd-radio combo stereo bought from our local Radioshack. About 6pm he'd pull out a CD from behind the kitchen door and load it in. Smoking cigarettes out the window he'd play song after song as I sat on the counter and listened to whatever artist he taught me about that night.

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Fields of Gettysburg at the People's Bank Theatre

I love stories, and I love music. I love it best when the two are combined. When I was young, I would spend hours after band practice sitting in my basement and listening to my father's worn out vinyl of Jesus Christ Superstar. It wasn't (and isn't) a soundtrack. It was narrative in song. Since then I've discovered, and loved, similar albums such as Drive-By Trucker's Southern Rock Opera. I've just fallen in love with this whole genre.

Friday, I had the opportunity to learn about another great addition to my list.

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