Nelsonville Music Festival 2015

 © Nathaniel Knobel

Nelsonville Music Festival: where music loving hippies (and non-hippies, too) camp out just a few hundred yards away from stages graced by acts ranging from local band Good English to music icon Merle Haggard.

NMF is truly unlike any music festival I've ever been to. There's something for everyone! You can crowd the main stage hoping for an unobstructed view of the headliner, or relax in more intimate venues, such as the No-Fi Cabin, where it's all unplugged, all the time. The people are kind, the food is good, and the music is plentiful.

I was also really impressed by the organizer's commitment to "going green." Instead of your typical trash cans and dumpsters, would-be litterers can choose from three soft bins labeled with various kinds of recyclable materials and a composting option. Environmental impact is a huge concern for any kind of festival, so I was super impressed by the example NMF is setting!

 © Nathaniel Knobel

All in all, I came away with some new photographer friends I met in "the pit," a bit of a sunburn, and some amazing photos. If you're following me on Instagram (@KnobelPhotography), or following Clutch MOV Magazine (@ClutchMOV), then you've seen the highlights. But I had too many favorites from NMF, so here's the extended cut!

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