Fields of Gettysburg at the People's Bank Theatre


I love stories, and I love music. I love it best when the two are combined. When I was young, I would spend hours after band practice sitting in my basement and listening to my father's worn out vinyl of Jesus Christ Superstar. It wasn't (and isn't) a soundtrack. It was narrative in song. Since then I've discovered, and loved, similar albums such as Drive-By Trucker's Southern Rock Opera. I've just fallen in love with this whole genre.

Friday, I had the opportunity to learn about another great addition to my list.

Fields of Gettysburg is a song cycle detailing the events leading up to and after the battle at Gettysburg, based on the experiences of real men and women involved. Composed by John A. Walsh, and performed by Appalachian musicians, it felt and sounded like the labor of love that it is. Soloists were full of emotion, with the band tight behind them. It was well written, well performed, and wonderful to listen to. John, Todd, Larry, and company have created something very special. If they perform it again live, go see it. Until then, check out the website (with purchase links), and keep an eye on for the article coming soon.

The venue, People's Bank Theatre, was another star of the show. Newly opened after an extensive renovation, the theatre already has an incredible lineup announced. It's an amazing space to photograph and attend shows, with a helpful and passionate group of people behind the scenes. I hope that I'll have the opportunity to photograph there again very soon!