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Photographing a Legend: Rest in Peace, Merle Haggard

Some of my best memories from childhood was listening to music with my Dad. In a little nook by the fridge, under the cabinets, he had a black cd-radio combo stereo bought from our local Radioshack. About 6pm he'd pull out a CD from behind the kitchen door and load it in. Smoking cigarettes out the window he'd play song after song as I sat on the counter and listened to whatever artist he taught me about that night.

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Marietta's Rivers, Trails, and Ales 2015

While I love these colder fall days, it does make me think back to the warmer summer months, when Marietta still had green leaves and small festivals seemed to happen every weekend. On one such weekend Marietta became a gathering place of beer-drinking outdoors(wo)men. The wonderful Hallie of Marietta Adventure Company, whom I love working with, organized the River, Trails, and Ales Festival: four days of paddling, biking, drinking, and music for the enjoyment of Southeast Ohio.

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