The Actors Guild of Parkersburg: The 39 Steps

 © Nathaniel Knobel

4 Actors, 20+ Characters, The 39 Steps.

The 39 steps is full of lightning fast humor that the Flying Circus would be proud of. It involves the type of quick wit that you have to be at the edge of your seat to catch. It takes great actors to make this show work, and the Actors Guild has four of them (at least). Only one of the actors plays the same character throughout the show, with everyone else is constantly changing hats, literally. Sometimes the audience sees a character only for a moment, and they are still left in stitches. 

 © Nathaniel Knobel

Even though I've had the honor of photographing the show before, I still found myself laughing too hard to take photos. It’s a show that you have to see, but don’t take my word for it. Head on over to clutchMOV to read the review.

And now, the photos...