Erin + Jared

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing the marriage of my first two Marietta friends. Erin Riordan and Jared Dye quickly welcomed Laura and me to the area with open arms, showing us the sights, shopping, festivals, and food. In the two months past we’ve boated down the Ohio river, braved sudden rainstorms, and explored coffee shops together. I’m glad the four of us met, and I was honored that they asked me to photograph their big day.

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Toting My Camera Through the Mid-Ohio Valley

As you might have already heard, I’ve just made the big move across the country to Ohio, yet another state named after water and, just like Nebraska, has the white-tailed deer as its state animal. Marietta is now the city I home, and it’s only slightly larger than my hometown of Beatrice. It’s also home to Marietta College, a sister institution to my Alma Mater, Doane College.

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