Marietta Adventure Co. for Ohio Magazine

Photographing for ClutchMOV  has introduced me to a lot of great people and businesses in the area. In the case of Marietta Adventure Company, it would be both.

For the first print issue of Clutch, I worked with M.A.C. on the image for their advertisement. A few weeks after, they gave me a ring to see if I had any photos I could supply for a story in Ohio Magazine and I jumped at the chance to have a full blown photo shoot on the numerous bike trails in and around Marietta.

We quickly gathered every rider we could and headed out. The shoot consisted of a lot of running to find a good spot and then having them ride past me a few times for photos. I got some great shots, and definitely a lot of exercise! Ohio Magazine loved them as well, and they were featured in June’s issue. It also snagged me a few more assignments that you will see in the upcoming issues. Until then, here are the photos with Marietta Adventure Co.